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Телефон горячей линии
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Code of Conduct and Operations of the Boat
Being on the board of boat all users and their guests are obliged to keep the public order, safe navigation requirements, sanitary standards, fire safety standards, present code of conduct on board of the boat and follow all requirements of regulations of Marine Transport Affairs Department of UAE Federal Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure.

The User and his guests are obliged to follow the instructions of the Service Partner or his representative unquestioningly and quickly. Instructions of the Service Partner or his representative could not be discussed and disputed. If the User has claims to the crew, they can be discussed with crew only on shore.

Entry and exit from the boat is allowed only after the completion of the boat's mooring to the berth and the permission command of the Service Partner or his representative. Special care must be taken during walking on a wet outdoor deck.

The predetermined number of guests on the boat must be in accordance with the maximum allowed. Guests with young children are required to constantly monitor behavior and whereabouts of the children. The User should guarantee that no pets or other animals will be brought on board the Boat without the consent of the Service Partner.

The boat should be equipped with the necessary devices to ensure safe navigation and fully complies with the current rules for the protection of life on the water and shipping standards. In the event of an emergency, the evacuation of guests from the boat is carried out under the guidance of the Service Partner or his representative. Users are notified by the crew of all necessary actions.

The Service Partner or his representative is not responsible for the actions of the User and his guests on the shore.

Prior to the start of the rental, the User and his guests are obliged to:
- Listen carefully to the safety rules instructed by the Service Partner or his representative;
- Pay attention to location of the lifeboats and life jackets;
- Carefully read the instructions or ask the Service Partner or his representative how to use life jackets, how to properly launch and board the boat;

The user and his guests cannot do following actions:
- Smoking, including smoking of electronic cigarettes, and drinking alcoholic beverages on the boat (unless otherwise agreed with the Service Partner or its official representative before the start of the rental), as well as the use of any drugs;
- Whistling, shouting at the parking in the marina, during mooring or movement;
- Start independent disembarkation or embarkation before the gangway is fully fed or, in the absence of mooring, move along the side of the boat on the berth;
- Climb on board on a ladder that is not intended for the User and his guests;
- Stand on the horizontal parts of the side of the boat's hull;
- To be on the boat in dirty shoes. It is highly recommended not to use shoes with heels. It is necessary to use shoes that provide good grip on the deck;
- Take the places of the Service Partner location or his representative without his instructions;
- Turn on or off the boat's electrical equipment, turn the steering wheel, start or stop the engine;
- Create conditions that impede the activities of the Service Partner or his representative, as well as uncomfortable for other guests of the boat;
- Independently enter into service premises or open technical premises;
- Take out from the boat or damage the boat's property;
- Throw any objects overboard;
- Enter or jump into the water from the boat, except for the zone or area specially equipped for swimming permitted by the Service Partner;
- Go out and stay on sites that do not have fences;
- Hang over the sides of the boat without specifying the Service Partner or his representative;
- Use open fire;
- Use pyrotechnics and fire equipment on board the boat (torches, fireworks, firecrackers, sound and fire rockets, sparklers, etc.), as well as bring on board and use flammable, explosives and other dangerous substances.

Without the permission of the Service Partner or his representative, the User and his guests are not allowed to:
- move from the berth to the boat or in the opposite direction;
- use rescue equipment;
- go into the water;
- while in the water, approach the propeller of the boat.

The Service Partner or his representative has the right to:
- ask the User and his guests to leave the board for failure to comply with commands, gross violation of the rules of conduct on the boat or accepted standards of conduct;
- refuse a passenger a particular request without explanation.

Steps to take if a person falls overboard:
- Shout "Man overboard" loudly!
- Immediately throw the life-saving equipment to the victim;
- Designate the place of the fall by throwing floating objects;
- Report the incident to the Service Partner or his representative;
- Clearly follow all commands, monitor, trying not to lose sight of the victim.

In the process of sea travel, any of the guests may experience signs of seasickness, headache, cold sweat, nausea, vomiting, in such cases the fresh air and water are required, and guest should avoid direct sun exposure.

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