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3 Myths About Renting a Yacht
What Do You Need to Know About Renting a Yacht?

Common Misconceptions
On the eve of summer, it's high time to indulge in dreams of boat trips on a luxury yacht. If earlier the renting of a seagoing vessel was an exclusive privilege for wealthy people, today this type of transport is becoming more and more accessible. Additionally, experts fear that the large number of people wanting to take regular boat trips will adversely affect comfort. For those who plan not only to dream, but also to relax, we have prepared facts and myths about yacht rentals that will help turn even the wildest dreams into reality.

Misconception Number One
As mentioned above, a few years ago it was really very difficult and few people could afford it. Previously, it was only possible to rent a yacht through a local agency, or through agencies providing services in the field of luxury recreation. Working with the former could turn out quite badly. There were no guarantees that you wouldn't be deceived or that the boat ordered would actually be provided because you had to communicate through intermediaries. Now you just need to type in a search engine "yacht rental in ..." and add the desired city or country. Search engines return tons of results. The problem today is somewhat different. How to choose what you need from 300 proposed options? Modern technologies and products come to a person's rescue, taking care of the quality of offers and the customer themselves.
Renting a yacht is difficult
Yacht rentals are a luxury not everyone can afford
This isn't totally a misconception. In part, yacht rentals remain an expensive type of holiday, and in the event that you're looking to take out a 16-seat boat in Ibiza for a week it's possible. But such a vacation will cost you a million rubles. This amount would fully cover a vacation at a five-star hotel in the same area. Yet a complex trip on a yacht with stops in Mallorca, the Balearic Islands, Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera will cost 125,000 rubles. If you divide this among six travelers, then it turns out it isn't that much.
Misconception Number Two
A trip on a yacht is fraught with danger
The days of one-legged pirates and wily parrots are long gone. Such a journey is just an exciting outing these days. Experienced captains have studied every shoal and are familiar with all the beaches. Modern navigators won't let you get lost in the depths of the sea, and the risks are minimized after signing the aggregator guarantee agreement. So, if you crave hot adventures, then perhaps a getaway on a yacht isn't for you. But all the romantics out there will be pleased by the gentle sound of the sea and the bright sun. Although the danger of getting sunburnt on a hot deck will slightly defuse the atmosphere of absolute calm and serenity.

Today, yacht rentals are a service available to many. The main thing is to select a reliable company and trust an experienced captain.
Misconception Number Three
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