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Встречаем Айфлот в апреле 2021
Iflot is Preparing to Launch in the UAE
You've been waiting, we've been waiting, but we can't take it anymore!

We're going to launch in the UAE soon.
Our geography is expanding, and the algorithm for choosing the best water holiday remains just as easy!

Convenient categories for choosing a suitable boat:
Filters for any occasion: by the number of guests, price and date, it's convenient, don't you agree?

An open rating system with reviews and real photos of the craft will help you make a choice without any unpleasant surprises. All that's left is to choose a suitable date, book a boat for an hour or at least a few days, and make a transparent online payment right in the app, which is guaranteed not to increase at the end of the rental.
By the way, you can add your favorite options to your "Favorites" in order not to lose them.

With us, you can plan not only water trips, but also vacations with the most delectable impressions.

We almost forgot; the app has a special chat with 24/7 support. Of course, it is more for your peace of mind, but we'll definitely help you quickly resolve any issue should one arise.

Download the app and discover water adventures for you and your loved ones with Iflot!

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